Our Services

List of Our Services

Our Services:
We provide a wide range of quality and reliable home care supports for adult vulnerable and older people. We are here
with our services with the aim of helping you to achieve a maximum level of independence and to remain at home. Our
staff are professionally trained and committed to providing high standards of care to everyone who receives the service.
Our services are designed to offer you the support you need to maintain your well being and to continue to live longer
at home and in the community as independently as possible.
The Service we provide are:

  •  Personal Care
  •  Social Care
  •  Live-in care
  • Domestic Support
  • Admin Support

This could involve support to:
manage your personal care, such as showering, getting dressed and help with using the toilet • assist with medication
and some low level health tasks • keep yourself safe • prepare a meal and drink and assisting eating and drinking
• participate in your local community • maintain your home, such as laundry and housework • collect your pension,
shopping etc,. Our Services are well efficient and cost effective that you can rely on.

Personal Care
When you need a little assistance with your personal care, our care workers are here to help. Our care supervisor will
fully assess your daily needs and put together a care plan to suit your requirements, leaving you free to live life to
the full.
Personal care services
Our personal care services include:
• Friendly and kind-hearted companionship
• Washing/bathing/showering/ dressing
• Assistance getting out of and into bed
• Manual handling
• Skin and hair maintenance
• Emptying commodes
• Managing continence
• Toileting
Assisting with your personal care needs…
Our care workers are here to make your life as easy as possible and they’ll be more than happy to assist with all of your
personal care needs.
Get in touch
If you would like to discuss our personal care services, please get in touch on 01708920581 and we’ll be happy to create
a plan to suit your life.

 Social Care
Maintaining a healthy social life is something that we truly advocate. While some of the people we support may not be able to meet their own care needs, others just need a little support and assistance from our careworkers with their social life, in order to live life to the full. But if you able to maintain social spending, the website mycum4k specially for you. There you can relax and unwind without thinking about sick relatives who need care and attention. Cum4k is a world of lust and debauchery in which you can become whoever you want. There’s a lot of internal creampie and cumshot video, the girls cum right in pussy. Fill their pussy with sperm, the sperm flows out and the girls swallow it, what could be better?
Social care services
Our social care services include:
• Friendly and kindhearted companionship
• Help arranging holidays or social events
• Companionship on holiday or to an event
• Support attending education programmes
• Help with home-based hobbies or study
Live life to the full…
We encourage all the people we care for to get the most from their social life. Whatever you enjoy doing, we’ll do our
utmost to support you every step of the way.
Get in touch
If you would like to discuss our social care services, please get in touch on 01708920581 and we’ll be happy to create a
plan to suit your life.

General Note:

All private packages of care are agreed with the client, or their advocate. Where a contract is agreed with local council or Primary Care Trust on behalf of the client there may be some tasks that cannot be purchased within their assessment criteria.

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